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Thursday, May 22, 2008

and now...THE AFTER!

The cabinetry used for this kitchen/design was our semi-custom "Medallion Cabinetry" in Park Place Maple shaker style doors; Divinity classic paint.
Down came the wall...opening the space incredibly!
Paneling your refrigerator can create a more seamless look:
The flanking upper cabinets were purposely held away from chimney hood to create a wider cooking area and a larger focal point for subway tiling. By removing the existing window that was there, enabled the design to be symmetrical and much more functional.Deeper upper cabinets, like the one shown below, can hide an unsightly microwave.

What a difference a wall can make!

Many of my clients start off discouraged, stating "I have a small kitchen..what really can be done?" There is always something I can do, to create the illusion of a larger space. Whether it be removing a dividing wall (like this project), widening a window width, taking cabinetry uppers to the ceiling; there are many, many design options that your kitchen designer can review with you.

Here we are starting with "THE BEFORE PICTURES"
In this case, it started with removing a wall that was between the dining area and the kitchen area. Opening up that space created such a larger, inviting kitchen space. My next task was reworking the footprint of the kitchen. I suggested closing off a window, allowing space to move in the new range and stainless steel chimney, creating an elegant, eye catching focal point. My client has an adorable little garden, so I suggested moving the sink to that window, for views of serenity and privacy; something sacred when living in a bustling suburb area. Keeping the cabinetry design a clean painted white with no glaze lent to a crisp and airy feel. The shaker style was transitional enough combining the old (her home's hand stuccoed walls), with the new (stainless steel appliances and the slab design of the cabinetry drawer fronts).


Monday, May 5, 2008

Using "Medallion Cabinetry's" wood hoods creates warmth in your Kitchen!

"There’s nothing like a wood range hood to rekindle the spirit of your kitchen. From functional to fine furniture, wood hoods are offered in a variety of styles to highlight your d├ęcor. Individual components allow you to design your own special style. Or select our dramatic one-piece deluxe hood, with a raised panel arch, and a crown molding plate rack, and you have a renowned design statement." -Medallion Cabinetry

Many of us now lean towards a larger sized commercial cooking range or cook top. With that comes the large amount of 'colder' stainless steel. While in some designs, we strive for a colder, sleek look, other times we want a warmer design.
So how do you warm up the space and create your cooking zone to be more inviting? Use a wood hood!
Hidden inside the wood hood is a full venting system with halogen task lighting, and all the CFM amenities you need for the standard to larger commercial range. What is a CFM? It is: Cubic Feet per Minute is a means to measure air flow. The higher the CFM figure, the more air the fan is moving. We have hoods that have CFM strength of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 CFM..hang on to your children! : )
To determine which you need depends on your cooking area and what your cooking techniques involves. (higher CFM's are needed for wok use, indoor grilling, deep frying, etc.)

Take a look below at a few options available, but the possibilities don't end there! I can design your look to be as unique as your project.