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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fireplace Unit Remodel

This Fireplace unit was done in our custom cabinetry, to match the existing kitchen cabinets and update their living room, while giving a better function to the space overall.
Don't be leery of mixing contemporary elements, such as these vertical lifts, in any design.  They create great storage and provide a beautiful visual impact.  The frosted glass chosen allows for a 'lighter' look in the design, while still being able to mask the items stored in the cabinetry.
Love vertical lifts!
The thick custom mantle and shelves create an elongated look, adding balance to the room
The warm tone of this Maple wood works so well with the beautiful mix of colors within the brick

When choosing hardware, don't forget about using unique materials.  We did a combination of frosted glass with satin nickel to tie in the frosted glass of the vertical lift cabinets.   Just beautiful!

So, here is the "BEFORE" 
The wall unit was done in a glossy laminate that had tones of pinks, beige but that wasn't the only issue. The main issue was the homeowners wanted to not only update their design, but update their TV and other equipment.  This whole design has a bit of a "LOW" feel.

And now the "AFTER" which allowed the beautiful flat screen TV to enter the design.
The other components (DVR, DVD, etc) are hidden behind the doors in the lower section of the bookcase
The warm tones of the cabinetry, not only match their existing kitchen seen from this living room, but warms the space with wood elegance.
Adding the tall bookcase also lifts the whole room visually making it appear larger

"Before" this R2D2 hovering unit with the outdated bulky TV...

Is replaced with an elegant bookcase showcasing artwork, family photos and houses their equipment below.
The drawer is a great addition for extra remote controls, TV guides/manuals, etc.

Putting cabinetry in different parts of your home allows for great storage, beauty and better function!