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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inspiration from traveling to Cape Town, South Africa

When traveling, I always find it so interesting to see how other people live in their homes. Whether it be the style of decoration, the use of the home, or the selections used, I often see how the location determines certain looks.

Below are three different kitchens I viewed and actually cooked in, while on vacation in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

This beautiful maple kitchen, outside of Stellenbosch, embraced a clean Scandinavian look while keeping a warm contemporary vibe. This kitchen design and scheme quietly blends into the house keeping your eye wandering through the home. Truly beautiful and functional.

In Muizenberg, this lovely artistic kitchen boasts a calling to all cooks to come and try your recipes here. With the open shelves, open lower storage cubbies and concrete tops, this kitchen's function proves to benefit the casual but elegant entertainer. As a guest in this home, it was very easy to find what we needed to cook our meal, with ease and enjoyment.

The lovely Mosaic tiles behind the sink area reminded me, that not far there is a beautiful ocean nearby waiting to surf in. Those dishes can wait! :)
Below is a guest condo, that as you can see serves well in a small space. The washer/dryer unit is neatly place near the sink, open shelves above create open height and storage and keeping the cabinetry white displays the ceramic pieces nicely.

Isn't it fun to see the differences and similarities across the world? Keep your eyes open and perhaps on your next travels you will find inspiration to bring back for your home.