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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rebates for Michiganders

Everyone is watching what they spend and that includes many design projects that I work on as well.
I stumble upon many cool websites that offer great savings and at you can learn about which aggregates cash back offers from manufacturers and other sources in our Metro Detroit area.
You may get hundreds of dollars back from trading in your old refrigerator or dishwasher and purchasing a new energy efficient one.

That is a win/win situation for you, the environment and for your design project!

Click HERE to view what appliances qualify and for what rebate amounts

You can own this beautiful beast and get money back!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Using forgotten space

With remodeling season in high boom, think about the spaces in your home that are being forgotten.
Around your fireplace could be an example.
In this home, we took their blank wall and low, simple fireplace and used the entire space for storage and wow factor.

This fireplace surround was designed for my clients whose goals were; more storage space, creating a beautiful focal point in the room, hide stereo and TV/DVR/DVD components, while embracing the era of their Grosse Pointe home.
Below is the beautiful finished product done with "Quality Cabinets" cabinetry and within their budget.
The door style used was the Quincy 5

Little details, like the arched top valance, the fluted sides, the french furniture feet below, is what makes this piece look more like furniture and less like pre-fab cabinetry.
Who doesn't need drawers...LOTS of drawers!

I love how the deep red tones of the cabinetry work so well with their marble counter top selection, and the gorgeous tile that surrounds the fireplace area.
Come Fall and Winter time, this room will be so amazingly cozy!