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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Clawson remodel steps out of the 70's with style

  • Designing a remodel may be one of my favorites!
  • In the past few years, there has been little new construction happening in Metro Detroit. Remodeling has been full effect and I'm so happy to be a strong part of it. There is something so great about taking a perfectly good older home, and giving it a present of a 'design-lift' if you will. Well deserved for people that are choosing to stay in their homes and enjoy the time within it.

  • This Clawson remodel was done for personal friends of mine.

This cabinet that rests on their countertop serves as a storage work horse. Deep enough for small appliances or for food storage.
By keeping cabinetry symetrical in their design, balances out the micro hood

Many of my clients have corner sink cabinets. This particular design works well when you have to windows (like below) butting into each other in the corner. By using a single bowl, deeper sink you won't feel comprised on size.

In staying with the discussion of corner sinks. It is SO important, no critical, to have the Dishwasher then backed off from the corner sink cabinet enough to allow for the Dishwasher to be opened without trapping the person in the corner. For all those 'DIY'ers' it always pays to consult with a designer BEFORE starting your project.

In many Metro Detroit homes, you may see this, off the kitchen, pantry area. We took off the original doors and replaced it with matching cabinetry doors for a finished look.
For small spaces, even 6" in width can prove to be a storage solution. These apothecary drawers could also be removed completely for if the home owners chose to store wine. You can mix and match that look by keeping some drawers in and some out for a couple bottles of wine or even olive oils. For now, they function as small drawers perfect for tiny items.
Deeper storage like below, provides for additional food/product storage and can create a more 'built-in' look for above the Ref area. Rollouts in a deep pantry (like below) provide an easy solution for staying organized.
Nothing beats full extension dovetail drawer construction like below
Rollouts provide storage solutions- say "NO more!" to having to dig out what it is your cabinetry

Now for some up close details-The chosen granite below was Millenium Cream and look at the beautiful amounts of natural quartz in their stone.
I love the monochromatic tones of white/greys in this Sussex White door style with the granite and grey slate flooring
White ceramic subway tile in a glossy finish

Up close of their hardware selection

And below is the "After" shot
vs the "BEFORE"...buh bye!