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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My design concept..featured online now!

One of my favorite blog sites and local michigan designer, Jennifer Mitchell, contacted me to help out with a design dilemia for one of her readers.

Intereseted in seeing what I came up with?

Visit her blog space to see the virtual design, and her client's before photos I had to work off of.

I hope you find this inspirational to get creative in your kitchen space!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekly Design Envy Product Post #1

Ok, so I have decided..even though I do not sell these COOL & AMAZING products that I come across..I can no longer dismiss them!

What I have decided to do is post a cool product, new or not, once a week....that I love!
So this week, the home entertainer in me, screams "I heart this"

This sink is from Native Trails and is constructed of hammered Copper...I can just see this sink filled with ice and bottles of wine or champagne chilling for the evening. Or as a prep sink, it lends to a unique feel. Sure to be the talk amongst your friends!

According to their site, check out these benefits: Recent studies have shown that copper has remarkable natural antibacterial properties which actually kill dangerous bacteria such as E. coli in a matter of hours, while stainless steel and other traditional surfaces allow them to survive for weeks. Enjoy the "living” qualities of your beautiful hand hammered bowl and feel proud to own a unique and functional work of art!

More at their website:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it easy being green?

Lot's of talk of how we should all try and adapt a 'greener' lifestyle to better our future and our beautiful environment. I'm proud to say, our cabinet lines are not only embracing that idea, but taking action. Designing spaces for me, is easy when using these product lines, and now knowing it actually helps the environment instead of hurting...well, that makes me and my clients smile! To learn more about it, please visit the website and consider a green product when you purchase next! That can apply to cabinetry, counter top materials, flooring, and appliances...get creative! :)