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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Michigan condo stands out on it's own

Doesn't this 'before' kitchen look all too familiar?

The typical laminate cabinetry with an oak trim. While it serves it's purpose of storage it certainly doesn't say anything about the home owner.

Here is our "before" with the typical soffits (what's a soffit? It is the drywall box above the wall cabinetry)
And now, the "after"...oh yeah!

Here is what I did for this sweet client in conjunction with her talented remodeler:
  • Removed the soffits and ran taller upper cabinetry right up to the ceiling, now our client gained a foot of space in each cabinet for additional storage!
  • Used a clean door style (Hancock Maple from "Quality Cabinets") in a soft beige tone.
  • By measuring her new appliances, I was able to use every inch available for cabinetry and create her Refrigerator appear more built-in without the high cost.
  • We put in 9 new drawers for storage and organization
  • Having her floor tile run in a diagonal pattern creates a wider appearance in her kitchen
  • The dark green granite creates a rich finish and sheen

What is so wonderful about this project is, you don't have to have HUGE amounts of space to create a beautiful kitchen that has great design and function!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Florida kitchen re-design

Many of our 'before' pictures are in need of an intense makeover.
This Florida kitchen, is not our typical "bad" kitchen, the design layout works, and the space is large. However, the cabinetry material does not suit today's beautiful available materials.

So..along with the 1980's lawn ornament of pink flamingos, out goes this champagne washed Oak raised panel kitchen, shown below here:

Grab yourself a fresh squeezed O.J. and make yourself at home in this beautifully re-designed kitchen:

Choosing a pillowed raised panel Cherry wood door, with stain and glaze adds new warmth to this space. (featured here is "Medallion Cabinetry" Cherry Valencia in Pecan Burnish)
In addition to the new look, the design was tweaked by adding varied heights with the cabinetry and crown. We added a new large pantry space equipped with large roll outs inside, as well as a glass cabinet coming down to the counter top for additional storage as well as ease of use. With the client's selections of new paint, back splash, granite tops and wood flooring, the whole kitchen exudes a warm elegance that is sure to please for years.