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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As some of you know, we entered a few of our projects into the Detroit Home Magazine for "Design Awards 2009."

Wish us luck ..and here are a few 'teasers' taken during our 8 kitchen photo session! Thanks again to our talented photographer, Jen, we think they turned out great We won't find out how we did until December, but working with our clients to create beautiful spaces is honor enough!

Hope these images inspire ....enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Concrete Evidence

Looking for something different & unique for a counter top material?? Ever thought of using concrete? YES...I said, concrete!
A local Detroit based company, by the name of "Origins Concrete Design" will custom make a concrete top for your kitchen, bar, bath or whatever area you any color, any thickness and yes, you can integrate sinks, cutting boards, etc!
There is a lot that goes into the creation of a custom top and it is a material you should educate yourself on before deciding. Derek, from "Origins Concrete Designs" will help you better understand the care and maintenance and what to expect from these beautifully unique counter tops.
These pictures are from Derek's portfolio..enjoy, and be creative in your next project by trying new materials created by local artists & designers! Love the edge detailing here with the dot imprints!

How cool is this trough sink for your next bath project? OR used in between custom cabinetry in your kitchen..remember, this concrete can be made into any color!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Faucet..or Sculptural Art?

In today's kitchen, the sink area is often the main focus area.
Clients want the most beautiful, unique cabinetry and only the best accessories to dress it up.

Kitchen faucets for instance, are one way of creating a signature look. Whether your look reflects a cottage in Cotswold, England or an open loft in SoHo, NYC you can find it locally here at Carlson Home Luxuries.

Mike Carlson has been a friend of mine, and Midwest Cabinet, for some time now and when I refer my clients to his amazing showroom in Brighton, I know they will be 'wow-ed.'

Take a look at some of my favorite faucets that Carlson Home Luxuries offers and see if this won't inspire a gallery viewing at your next dinner party!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homeowner: "So, I'm on a I have options?" Me: "YES!!!"

First off...KUDOS to one of our cabinetry lines "Quality Cabinets" for ranking highest in satisfaction for cabinetry brands among Builders and Remodelers. We are happy to be a dealer and design with "Quality Cabinets" products.

I believe one of the main reasons that "Quality" is a favorite among Builders, Designer, Remodelors is that we offer a great price point, but still many design options to choose from.

For instance, one Maple door can come in up to FIFTEEN (go on 'fifteen to view it all!!) different stain, stain/glaze finishes! Having so many choices for clients, make for beautiful cabinetry that is unique in every design application.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soak your Monday Blues away.....

Monday...probably the least favorite day of the week. Especially now in Michigan, the weather is a little gray and wet outside.
However, isn't that the perfect excuse to come home, scroll your ipod to play some jazz, open up that bottle of Cabernet and slink into your amazing master bath.
What's that??? You don't have an amazing retreat of a master bath?
Well, you could have one just like this photo: custom designed using cabinetry from Midwest Cabinets.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh................Monday's not so bad now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



We have a talented young photographer, Jen from JK Photography of Grand Rapids coming tomorrow (9/11) to shoot eight..yes, EIGHT kitchens tomorrow, for us at Midwest Cabinet & Counter. We are starting at 8 am in Detroit, move to Grosse Pointe, then to Huntington Woods and finishing in Commerce Township.

We hope to capture a bit of what we work on throughout the year. Some of the projects we will be photographing are modern, spacious lofts, some small but beautifully designed kitchens, others transitionally classically cool.

A BIG thank you to Jen, for helping us out with this..we look forward to viewing all the upcoming (and I know) fantastic images!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitchen Remodel in Royal Oak, Michigan

Shown below is a Royal Oak kitchen remodel that I designed, along with my good friends, Megan and Ryan.

Can you believe that this kitchen is only about 120 square feet?

  • Go vertical: One HUGE difference you can do is take the cabinetry up. up. up to the ceilings. No soffits! That will give your kitchen, additional space of approximately 12" in height for one cabinet...imagine all the space added up all around!!
  • Choose wisely for your space: By choosing a simple door style ("Quality Cabinets" in Hancock Cherry shown here) it lends to a more clean and contemporary feel. The space seems larger, taller and horizontally wider.
  • When opening up walls, make both spaces work: The peninsula bar area backs into their dining/family room, so by lifting the counter top height to a bar height of 42" high, it keeps the working space and the main sink hidden, along with any prepping mess.
  • Use all your walls! We had a short shallow wall when you first enter kitchen, that now is their 'bar area.' Both the upper and lower are the same depth, allowing for storage and display behind the glass showcases their stemware. Perfect for entertaining.
  • Coordinate your colors: Ryan and Megan did a beautiful job, picking colors that all work well together. Their cherry cabinetry is a warm red, along with their paint color and their natural brick which is original to the house. Stainless accents are seen throughout on their appliances, cabinetry hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Granite counter tops are the perfect compliment, bringing all their colors together.

It was a pleasure working on this kitchen with close friends..and now their new daughter, Eden, will get to enjoy it too! :)