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Friday, June 27, 2008

Much more than just Kitchens and Baths!

Sure, we design fabulous kitchens and bathrooms, bars, and entertainment units...but what else? I'm picking three photos to show you how cabinetry, when designed by a professional, can be in almost every room!

Who wouldn't love this boot bench in their mudroom, or side entrance way from your garage? This can be custom built to YOUR space, in whatever doors style and colors fit your home's decor. Now that's a welcoming a thought:

With many companies going virtual, a home based office is becoming more & more common. The old school idea of having a desk next to your Mom's old bookcase just doesn't quite cut it anymore. I can design a grand library or a simple piece that will compliant your space, and keep you organized and pleased to "come to work."

Are you a wine enthusiast, or an inspiring Martha Stewart of entertaining at home? How about turning your lower level into your very own bistro or wine cellar? I can design cabinetry for any space, any nook & cranny to create the individual look we are after. Storage doesn't have to be ugly or a closet, it can look like antique finds from France, or an old heirloom passed down..but better yet, has the interior organization of the new millennium. Cheers to that!