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Friday, June 19, 2009

Blissful cabinetry

What a fun and creative job we have as cabinetry designers!
Below is a brand new product, in our "Medallion Cabinetry" line. I am focusing on the greenish-blue painted cabinetry seen below, so beautifully labeled as "Bliss."
Exceptionally serene and just perfect for a spa-like bathroom, pool house, or lake house..the uses could be endless.

"Bliss" painted cabinetry comes on several different door styles, each very different from each other. The style above is called "Trinity." Very fitting, don't you think?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Classic Bath design

Choosing cabinetry for your Master Bath can prove to be a difficult task, especially in when trying to predict what you will like for years to come.

  Whether or not to go sleekly contemporary, vintage shabby chic, British traditional, or bo-ho eclectic in style, can all whirl around in confusion for many of my clients.  

Sometimes it's best to play it safe and go somewhere in between; transitional. 
That means picking a simple, clean and classic cabinetry style.  Different selections of hardware, proves to wear like "jewelry" and can easily be changed out in the future.

Instead of a typical linen closet behind plain doors, we created a custom space that has a furniture appeal to it, but still provides all the storage needed. 
Shown here is a maple cabinet in a classic Shaker style but combined with a clean slab (or flat) drawer front to keep the look even more simple.  The hardware chosen is a more contemporary stainless steel rod (still proving to be quite popular) but could easily be changed to a bin pull for a totally different look in the future.