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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Uniting different tones of cabinetry

Using different tones of cabinetry in your home is quickly becoming more than a trend, it's becoming a masterpiece style of design.
Below are some amazing examples done with our line of "Medallion Cabinetry"
Seen here are three examples of color: A painted maple cabinet, with accents of a red Pinot Noir stain and the island in an onyx stain. Breath taking isn't it?
Here is a lighter example of combining a Hazelnut tone in an Alder rustic wood with a painted finish that lends to a cool oceanic feel.
Below, cabinetry turns more towards a furniture look with a free standing armoire piece in a cherry stain. The beautifully designed island showcases a medium tone Pecan stain in cherry, hugging around the Coastal stain in yellow. Using different finishes in different door styles creates a more furniture finish and one that is definitely unique to your home.
In a more classic approach, the image below boasts a beautifully clean white painted in Divinity with gentle darker hues of maple cabinetry. The chestnut tones of the darker wood really bring out warmth and balance the cooler white cabinetry.
Done in a more contemporary vibe, this kitchen below, is not afraid of some eye popping color. The natural maple cabinetry fades back to allow the red painted cabinetry to step forward and demand some attention. Creating different heights and depth in your cabinetry, allows your space to work better and creates a dynamic design.

Hope this inspires you to get creative with all the fabulous choices we have to offer!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warm hues make this kitchen so inviting

This remodel kitchen design was done for such a sweet family, I was happy to be part of the project to make their kitchen function better for their everyday needs.

I suggested moving the sink to the opposite side of the kitchen and creating the diagonal angle looking out toward the backyard. The sitting/overhang area behind the peninsula is now in a better position, being on the opposite wall, which before, blocked the traffic flow from kitchen into family room.

The lovely "Quincy" door style in Maple-Biscotti stain is the perfect soft sand tone of Maple.

I increased their storage immediately by taking the upper cabinets up to the ceiling. Visually, it makes the kitchen ceiling look taller as well.
Notice the small satin nickel button in the granite countertop by the sink? It is an air touch garbage disposal button.

Below is a perspective shot from my initial concept to their reality, above. This design is done on CAD 20/20 to design and implement quick changes as we progress thru the designing phases of a remodel.
Below is the "BEFORE" shot and the kitchen design that really wasn't working for their family. Long gone now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The new laminate is here..first in Michigan on display!

From my last posting, I was raving about the new laminate products from Formica.
We put this new product on our showroom island, come see it for yourself in person.
It is knock-out beautiful and guess is also a green product!

Ogee edge treatment

Up close ...can you believe this is laminate?!

Looks amazing doesn't it, just like stone!

And below, was the "Before" shot of the older Formica laminate that was to look like granite. I have to say, they have come a long way and I'm very impressed! Good job Formica!

If you like the way this new top looks, we make custom tops in this new finish at our facility. Call for more information to see how we can help you in your design.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Suite Life

This beautiful remodel was actually done inside a private company suite at the Palace of Auburn Hills. This suite went from year 1983 to 2009 quickly by updating everything from cabinetry, counter tops, flooring and furniture accents.

Although the blinds are drawn in the photo below, the Pistons were actually practicing that day I measured the space out. It helped with the design concept; knowing the main attraction of this room is what will happen through the glass. A great 'suite' is one that flows nicely and works like your own personal restaurant/bar but with the warmth of home.

If you look closely, you can see the client added their own touch by attaching an cool metal plate, labeled "trash" indicating where the pullout is. Love the personal additions.

In any space, having a new kitchen and powder bath to make family and guests alike feel at home is more than's 'suite.'