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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Royal Oak Remodel

A darling redesign, in Royal Oak, Michigan

However, in the beginning...this little kitchen was poorly laid out, dark and cluttered.
See Before's below

And back to the lovely "After's"
 Opening up your space allows a smaller original kitchen size to grow.
It proves great for entertaining and well as increasing storage
 This bar area, offers over 5 feet of length in storage, as well as a place to set up 3-4 stools for seating
 The use of a diagonal sink allows the cook to peek out in different directions during clean up or prep
 Keeping the cabinetry light helps with lifting the space
Balance is important to design as it is to function.
Having prep space on either side of cooking areas is key to a happy environment.
 A perfect visual work triangle below between sink, refrigerator, and stove
 I am a HUGE fan of exposed brick.  It add such character to many of these older homes
 Very inviting, don't you think?
Cabinetry for this design, was done in my affordable line of "Quality Cabinets"
All construction was done by Randy Travis of local "RAMTRA home value Improvements"