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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My design concept..featured online now!

One of my favorite blog sites and local michigan designer, Jennifer Mitchell, contacted me to help out with a design dilemia for one of her readers.

Intereseted in seeing what I came up with?

Visit her blog space to see the virtual design, and her client's before photos I had to work off of.

I hope you find this inspirational to get creative in your kitchen space!


Heather Wheeler said...

I came over from Design Hole, and just had to tell you I love your blog! I am dreaming of a kitchen remodel and I love to check out other people's work and ideas. And yours is inspiring! If you could only come over and design my kitchen. You would die!! I'll be checking back often....

Marion Ginopolis said...

Your designs are absolutely fabulous, creative and brilliant! It's unfortunate that you were too young to redesign my kitchen when I did it many years ago. I do remember the creative and imaginative drawings you made for me and I knew you had talent then. It certainly is showing now! Perhaps it's time to bring you over and see if you can update my tired, old house :-) Love, Aunt Marion