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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Design going to the dogs? I hope so!

I consider my client's home entrances, whether it be a side door, or front entrance, to be one the most important functions of their home.

It is where you welcome loved ones into your home, and kiss them goodbye with memories of a good time.

It is where the organization in the home starts, by entering in you now have a beautiful place for your purse, briefcase, shoes and other everyday necessities.

Now, for anyone who owns a dog..who wouldn't want a custom tiled in dog wash to gently clean off those muddy paws of your best friend? Wouldn't this eliminate time spent on washing your floors with the paw prints we so commonly see. This entrance comes right off the back yard.

When first walking into your home, it is essential to find a space to breathe, hang up your keys, toss your purse, kick off your shoes, hang up your coat, and set down the bags of groceries. Shown here is a custom cherry locker/bench system that I designed for my client's side entrance. Under the bench section are two large deep drawers for extra storage.

Now, not all side entrances have this much space but in this case, we utilized this room to also function as a laundry room that is pretty enough to dually function as a butler's pantry. Behind the cherry wood cabinetry is the everyday Costco goods every family needs. From extra food storage, to cleaning products, to kitchen linens, this room is a true work horse of the home.
What does your entrance do for you?

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