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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Classic Bath design

Choosing cabinetry for your Master Bath can prove to be a difficult task, especially in when trying to predict what you will like for years to come.

  Whether or not to go sleekly contemporary, vintage shabby chic, British traditional, or bo-ho eclectic in style, can all whirl around in confusion for many of my clients.  

Sometimes it's best to play it safe and go somewhere in between; transitional. 
That means picking a simple, clean and classic cabinetry style.  Different selections of hardware, proves to wear like "jewelry" and can easily be changed out in the future.

Instead of a typical linen closet behind plain doors, we created a custom space that has a furniture appeal to it, but still provides all the storage needed. 
Shown here is a maple cabinet in a classic Shaker style but combined with a clean slab (or flat) drawer front to keep the look even more simple.  The hardware chosen is a more contemporary stainless steel rod (still proving to be quite popular) but could easily be changed to a bin pull for a totally different look in the future.

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