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Thursday, July 23, 2009

NYC Kitchen of the Year by "House Beautiful"

As a kitchen designer, and a general home enthusiast, I am always sooo curious as to how do people live? One of my favorite places to visit is NYC and I often find myself trying to sneak a peek into the lovely brownstones to see what kind of kitchen they have? In the latest issue of "House Beautiful" we have a photographic tour inside the replicated kitchen/home of foodie TV chef, Ina Garten of "Barefoot Contessa."
I thought I would post this to see if this inspired any of you. Her kitchen (the one below is on shown in NYC, but her actual kitchen is in the Hamptons) is simple, timeless, organized and extremely functional.

Ina and her husband, Jeffrey arrive in NYC

Ina's kitchen, beautiful white painted beadboard cabinetry that fades back and allows her food to take center stage.

However, behind closed drawers, are function and organization. The cabinetry door detail doesn't have to speak volumes but the inside should.

Keeping items on open shelves allows for an easy everyday use and what better way for heirloom pieces to close at hand to use for dinner, or to just admire daily and remember fond memories.

Like many homes are remodeling towards, the trend of having the kitchen open and connecting into dining rooms, family/living rooms is shown beautifully here. How great to be able to sit and nibble on breakfast just steps away from your kitchen and your fireplace?

To see a video on Ina's thoughts of color in the kitchen, click here

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