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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warm hues make this kitchen so inviting

This remodel kitchen design was done for such a sweet family, I was happy to be part of the project to make their kitchen function better for their everyday needs.

I suggested moving the sink to the opposite side of the kitchen and creating the diagonal angle looking out toward the backyard. The sitting/overhang area behind the peninsula is now in a better position, being on the opposite wall, which before, blocked the traffic flow from kitchen into family room.

The lovely "Quincy" door style in Maple-Biscotti stain is the perfect soft sand tone of Maple.

I increased their storage immediately by taking the upper cabinets up to the ceiling. Visually, it makes the kitchen ceiling look taller as well.
Notice the small satin nickel button in the granite countertop by the sink? It is an air touch garbage disposal button.

Below is a perspective shot from my initial concept to their reality, above. This design is done on CAD 20/20 to design and implement quick changes as we progress thru the designing phases of a remodel.
Below is the "BEFORE" shot and the kitchen design that really wasn't working for their family. Long gone now!


Liz Gewurz Ramirez said...

Wow, what a difference. The "after" is my dream kitchen - colors, layout and all. Just looking at the pic's makes me wish I could be there right now, cooking, watching TV, talking on the phone... Thanks for posting these beautiful pics.

mandy said...

i love that look! what a great idea moving the sink...!