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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cook like Giada De Laurentiis

For those who may not know; I love love love the food network. Saturday mornings, clicking to the food network, my hot, swirling coffee in hand, PJ's still on, my husband reading his Free Press Sports section next to me..true bliss.

My love of the chef world started on PBS, early in my childhood, when my Mom and I would watch Julia Child, or Jacques Pepin, and try different recipes. Now I find so much inspiration from the sounds and visuals of a great cook in the kitchen. I believe it lends to my design work as well.

Today, one of my favorite chefs, as you see above, is the beautiful Giada De Laurenttis. Her show visually is so beautiful, clean and classically Italian with a modern twist.

If you are a fan, like myself, you long to have some of her culinary tools. Well...ask you shall receive. I have found some of her staples seen time and time again, all available online.
Create some "Everyday Italian" in your own kitchen:
Her Walnut cutting board, from

Adorable porcelain measuring spoons, from

Simple and clean glass pitchers, for storing fresh herbs, or mixing Bellini's, from Also..what a cool website in of my fave's!

And, finally..her most used stovetop to oven cooking tool, the trusty and fool proof, Le Creuset Braiser, found at food network's store:

Hope you find this enjoyable and inspirational to get in YOUR kitchen and start creating some great memories with your family~


Giadaskitchen said...

Oohhh, very nice!! I came across your blog and love Giada too. In fact so much I started a blog all about her products. Thought you might like it!

Anonymous said...

I love all the beautiful cooking tools Giada uses. Do you know where she got that unusual wooden spoon/spatula she uses to mix things in her pans? I can't find it anywhere!

Kitchen Cabinets said...

I love these ceramic spoons. They remind me of some my grandmother used to have.