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Monday, August 4, 2008

How to combine different tones, in a classic manner

Shown here is a photo from one of our lines "Medallion Cabinetry"

The cabinetry style is the Ellison door : shown in both the Maple Painted "White Chocolate" and the Cherry stain "Onyx."

When combining two different tones, or even two different cabinetry styles; try to keep it simple.
  • Don't go for trendy doors. Pick classically cut doors...a trained professional will be able to assist you in that selection.
  • Pick colors that are more neutral, like shown above. Even though the counter tops are a black granite (shown on the painted cabinetry) and a white & gray marble (shown on the darker cherry) works.
  • Keep to an overall neutral color palette, choosing two tones (like this light vs dark) will keep your design from looking dated.
  • Make sure your cabinets are cohesive with your flooring. What I advise is, do NOT try to match up your floor coloring to cabinets. Your floors should either be lighter or darker than your cabinetry. See how in this photo, it's a medium toned Oak that works well with both cabinet colors. Perfect!
  • Go with what you can't go wrong with that!
Hope this inspires!

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