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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A 'Glass' Act

When considering counter top materials to use for your kitchen or bathroom..have you ever thought of glass?
Yes, glass.
It is available thru many speciality glass companies, and we have designed with it with amazing results.
Glass counter tops can come in the same thickness as granite, either in 1-1/4" or as thick as 3"
It creates a tranquility that stone can not capture, and offers many more benefits..see below!

-Wow factor that makes it the focal point of your kitchen
-High-end appearance that looks very sexy
-Easy to clean
-Most hygienic counter top on the market
-No Cross-contamination
-Can endure high heat without cracking or scorching
-Impossible to stain
-Texture finish underneath that masks fingerprints, common wear and allows scratches to go unnoticed
-Can be lit up from beneath to create ambiance and make it look like ice.

1 comment:

Scot said...

I love the glass. What a cool and unique effect. Different colored lights would be sweet.