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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michigan remodel brings in southern sunshine

The sunshine in this kitchen is best enjoyed with an iced tea and lots of friends and family.

I often say, I am lucky to meet my clients because so many of them are just amazing, fun people. This was the case for these homeowners, the LaFaves', who treat entertaining as part of the norm. My job was to create their dream kitchen in a casual elegant manner for their family and friends to enjoy alongside with them.

Seen below is a dual height island, allowing for wheelchair access and function, without compromising on beauty and design in any way.

Darin LaFave installed his kitchen himself and wow, did he do an incredible job. Not an easy task!

Below is the 'Before kitchen'....look familiar?
Time to get your design envy going and remodel your space!


Julie said...

Seen this kitchen in person and it is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen. Darrin is a remarkable person and an excellent carpenter. To hire him would be make any ones dream house a reality. Fatastic!

Julie said...

Should have used a spell check.....