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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hate doing laundry? Not anymore!

Paneling a dishwasher, refrigerator or warming drawers in a kitchen, has been a common practice. But now...washers and dryers can be added to that list, with Asko's laundry care system that accepts cabinetry panels for seamless looks.

For many laundry rooms, this will be an exciting new look!

In many small city kitchens, where having an extra room or basement for laundry space isn't an option, you can hide a small unit in your kitchen.

For a more contemporary look, stainless panels are available too.

Shown above is a washer and dryer unit stacked vertically.
To the right, the tall cabinet is a 'drying cabinet' (for all those clothes and items that can't be tossed into a normal dryer like shoes, delicates, etc.).
What cool new appliances sure to make someone say, "How did I do laundry without this?!"

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