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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small but mighty design

Tinsie tiny but no compromise on function or style!
This Huntington Woods remodel was an adorable space to work on.

I used "Medallion Silverline" cabinetry in the Lancaster style, painted Maple-Divinity finish

A large wood hood that kisses the ceiling draws your eye up creating a larger visual space
I love the client's choice of plated pottery to display on the mantel
Don't be fooled, this darling hood has some serious power!

 BEAUTIFUL Quartz counter tops are a great alternative to granite or marble and are VERY durable
Isn't this color and pattern amazing?!
 I love the sea glass blue subway glass tile with this misted gray Quartz serene and calming
 Classic Bin pulls on drawer head adds detail while flatter knobs on doors are perfect for grabbing

As a fellow cooking enthusiast, I love my client's choice of a BIG bold range and 2nd oven next to it!
Not the best picture but you can see all the cooking glory that must happen in this kitchen

For all the Men out there...yes, look at this TV.
For all the Ladies, it folds up and away when done with use :)
Very practical, I would have it permanently set on FoodTV or Cooking Channel ( mean Bravo)
 Even though small in width, these glass uppers offer a visual break in cabinetry for display of glassware
 6" is all it takes for 6 bottles of wine...hmm, seems one bottle was enjoyed :)
This cabinet is over the refrigerator and out of children's reach
 I am a big fan of paneling a dishwasher.
Easier to keep clean and just keeps such a fluid look going with cabinetry
 Opening it up reveals it's true identity of indeed a quiet DW
 What is more inviting than a beautiful farmer's sink, and set on an arched toe for a further furniture look

And now, for some interior goodies:
We wanted to hide an inexpensive microwave, inside the upper cabinet, so I increased the depth to a 15" depth to accommodate this unit.

A blind corner cabinet.
The pie shelf swivels out and behind it are two more rollouts that pull forward, utlizing all dead space!
Even 3" spaces can be utilized
Tiny spice pullouts that actually hold a lot

Now, if you are thinking "My kitchen is too small to do anything amazing" I hope you see the great  possibilities!


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