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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



We have a talented young photographer, Jen from JK Photography of Grand Rapids coming tomorrow (9/11) to shoot eight..yes, EIGHT kitchens tomorrow, for us at Midwest Cabinet & Counter. We are starting at 8 am in Detroit, move to Grosse Pointe, then to Huntington Woods and finishing in Commerce Township.

We hope to capture a bit of what we work on throughout the year. Some of the projects we will be photographing are modern, spacious lofts, some small but beautifully designed kitchens, others transitionally classically cool.

A BIG thank you to Jen, for helping us out with this..we look forward to viewing all the upcoming (and I know) fantastic images!!


Liz said...

Sounds great! Will you be able to upload some of the pictures to your blog?

JK Photography said...

YAH! That was soooo much fun, I had a BLAST!!! Should have a CD out in the mail to you by Monday :) Thanks again for a fabulous day!