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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kitchen Remodel in Royal Oak, Michigan

Shown below is a Royal Oak kitchen remodel that I designed, along with my good friends, Megan and Ryan.

Can you believe that this kitchen is only about 120 square feet?

  • Go vertical: One HUGE difference you can do is take the cabinetry up. up. up to the ceilings. No soffits! That will give your kitchen, additional space of approximately 12" in height for one cabinet...imagine all the space added up all around!!
  • Choose wisely for your space: By choosing a simple door style ("Quality Cabinets" in Hancock Cherry shown here) it lends to a more clean and contemporary feel. The space seems larger, taller and horizontally wider.
  • When opening up walls, make both spaces work: The peninsula bar area backs into their dining/family room, so by lifting the counter top height to a bar height of 42" high, it keeps the working space and the main sink hidden, along with any prepping mess.
  • Use all your walls! We had a short shallow wall when you first enter kitchen, that now is their 'bar area.' Both the upper and lower are the same depth, allowing for storage and display behind the glass showcases their stemware. Perfect for entertaining.
  • Coordinate your colors: Ryan and Megan did a beautiful job, picking colors that all work well together. Their cherry cabinetry is a warm red, along with their paint color and their natural brick which is original to the house. Stainless accents are seen throughout on their appliances, cabinetry hardware, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Granite counter tops are the perfect compliment, bringing all their colors together.

It was a pleasure working on this kitchen with close friends..and now their new daughter, Eden, will get to enjoy it too! :)


Liz from Washington DC said...

This kitchen is beautiful! The dark wood compliments the deep red paint color so nicely. I would have guessed this kitchen was at least 200 square feet, maybe even 300! It really is a great use of the space, esp w/the kitchen island/breakfast bar and sink.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the new posts.

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