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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homeowner: "So, I'm on a I have options?" Me: "YES!!!"

First off...KUDOS to one of our cabinetry lines "Quality Cabinets" for ranking highest in satisfaction for cabinetry brands among Builders and Remodelers. We are happy to be a dealer and design with "Quality Cabinets" products.

I believe one of the main reasons that "Quality" is a favorite among Builders, Designer, Remodelors is that we offer a great price point, but still many design options to choose from.

For instance, one Maple door can come in up to FIFTEEN (go on 'fifteen to view it all!!) different stain, stain/glaze finishes! Having so many choices for clients, make for beautiful cabinetry that is unique in every design application.

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